Rationale for Endorsements

Franklin United endorsed candidates who we thought would lead Franklin in becoming stronger, more equitable and more representative of the diverse life experiences of Franklin residents.

Our endorsements are based on the policy stances and information provided by the candidates in the Franklin Voter Guide and during interviews for the Franklin Matters Election Collection 2021.

Town Council

Melanie Hamblen exemplifies a local leader that is accessible and listens to the needs of their constituents. 'Mel' places a heavy emphasis on building a stronger community and works to "find consensus and commonalities and listen to ideas and facts and think about how an issue will affect all of Franklin".

Cobi Frongillo is a tireless advocate for a more equitable and representative community. Cobi has hosted four Community Conversations on race, organized online and in-person feedback opportunities on street accessibility, attended a diverse set of Town events, and helped launch the Franklin Freedom Team - a coalition of town leaders prepared to respond to instances of hate in our community.

Robert Dellorco is a strong advocate for a stronger, more equitable community which is highlighted in his work with the SAFE Coalition. As a founding member, 'Bobby' believes in providing a support system to our most vulnerable neighbors, supporting, educating and empowering individuals and families affected by substance use disorder. He also believes we need to "focus on providing affordable housing in Franklin so that both our young and older residents can continue to live and prosper in our town".

Ted Cormier-Leger embodies building a strong community through his work highlighting Franklin's cultural diversity, arts scene, and youth opportunities. He is "extremely proud of what we have accomplished on the Franklin Cultural Council", especially the recent "fantastic Franklin Cultural Festival on our town common which attracted over 8,000 people". He serves as a board member for the Franklin Youth Football & Cheer and has advocated passionately against cutting the funding for the arts in FPS.

Patrick Sheridan supports a vision for an equitable Franklin that is socioeconomically diverse and is accessible to people of different levels of income. He believes in providing an appropriate mix of housing alternatives for middle income workers and supporting development opportunities for low, moderate and middle income households. He will also strive to a create a more representative government-- one that "increas[es] community participation" and encourages residents to provide their insight and voice.

Tom Mercer embodies building a stronger community through his current role as chair of the Town Committee. Tom regularly appears on the Franklin Matters program 'Town Council Quarterbacking' to summarize the most recent council meeting so that folks who may not have the time to attend or watch the entire multi-hour event can still be engaged and informed about local government. Tom emphasizes equity by pledging to support the recommendations put forth by the Housing Production Plan, and he encourages a stronger Franklin by supporting the Zoning Diagnostic of Downtown.

Deborah Pellegri encourages a stronger community by advocating for residents to be well-informed and participative in the workings of the Town by acting as a reservoir of Franklin knowledge. Debbie has a deep foundational knowledge of the Town of Franklin Code Book and bylaws.

Brian Chandler worked for a stronger community for 22 years through his service on the Franklin Police Department. During his time on the force, Brian participated in "community policing", and he believes in fostering a welcome environment for Franklin residents new and old. He prides himself on his accessibility, and he even gives out his phone number while campaigning.

Glenn Jones prioritizes equity in his long term planning through his commitment to "maintenance of our 40B affordable housing percentage [and] low-income housing options". He is also committed to building a stronger community through transparent government, serving as the communication liaison for the Council where he "work[s] closely with various media entities within the Town...to promote clear, concise, and educational media for the community".

School Committee

Denise Spencer, as a member of the Diversity Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Committee, has prioritized the continuation and expansion of equity and inclusion work, ensuring that curriculum, professional development opportunities, and hiring practices are culturally diverse, socially just, and anti-racist.

Elise Stokes, as another member of the district’s DEI committee (and the DEI Inclusive Practices subcommittee), has prioritized equity in education. She also has shown an ability to partner with outside organizations to strengthen the mental and physical health of our Town's children and teachers, including advocating for physical activity self-care options for FPS staff at the YMCA.

Dave Callaghan has shown an early commitment to building a stronger community. "Being more accessible, including increasing our Social Media presence [and] leverag[ing] social media to communicate the Committee's messages across more platforms and also to open avenues for more community interaction".

Al Charles has emphasized a need for equity in education, committing to "increas[ing] opportunities to interact and learn about people from other backgrounds" and wants a consistent communication plan to give all families a full picture of the School Committee’s business and how to engage with the committee.

Camille Napier-Bernstein embodies a candidate that considers equity a tenet of their thinking. Camille has identified the need to hire and retain a faculty that can offer a rich tapestry of voices and experiences, which means ensuring our culture is open and welcoming. She emphasizes the need to be "culturally responsive, and... willing to have difficult conversations with ourselves and each other".

Meghan Whitmore is "passionate about inclusion, equality, and diversity". She believes in encouraging students and staff to be their authentic selves and would foster "an environment where no shaming is tolerated".

Dave McNeil is in complete and total support of efforts to make Franklin Public Schools more equitable, diverse, and inclusive for all students. He looks forward to seeing the results of the equity audit being conducted, and will support its findings through action.

Planning Board

Beth Wierling believes in a strong, vibrant, and sustainable community where people feel engaged in its growth and development. She is devoted to engaging Franklin’s residents and local businesses in the pursuit of shaping Franklin into a more economically productive and prosperous place.

Jennifer Williams supports development that promotes more affordable, equitable options for those in need, whether it be the growing elderly population, disabled in need of specialized accommodations, veterans, workforce housing, or simply first-time homeowners who need reachable options to begin their lives.

Town Clerk

Nancy Danello has a proven history of successfully managing Town Elections, working with state officials and securing more money for Franklin.

Learn more about the candidates running for Franklin Town office here:

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*Franklin United is not coordinating/collaborating with either the Franklin Voter Guide or Franklin Matters.